About Us

Camp Crestwood was established in 1948 by the Kentucky Assemblies of God.  Over the years,  Camp Crestwood has grown and developed thanks to the generosity and investment of our Assemblies of God churches and constituents.  It has had several renovations, deletions and additions with much of the work being done by volunteers from all across the state.

Since its beginning,  Camp Crestwood has been a place for youth, children and families to retreat from everyday life and find a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, Camp Crestwood is host site to a number of events held by various Christian faith groups, well beyond the Assemblies of God churches. Camp Crestwood: a place to assist the Christian ‘community’ at large  in training, developing, mentoring, and refreshing God’s people. Give us a call: 502 916 6700 for your next events.